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About Us

About Rudy

I am Balinese, started my job as a tour guide in 1990 showing the tourists about Balinese culture, nature, way of life, religious activities and so on, I find this is an interesting job meeting thousands of people from different countries with various professions, a lot of things I learned from them, beside worked briefly in hotels, Airline Office before became Wikstroem Reiser (Norwegian Tour Operator) Representative located in Bali to handle Norwegian guests who visited Indonesia for 13 years (1999-2012) to handle Accommodations, Restaurants, Weddings, Transportation, Tours, Special Interest and so on, mostly  doing tour guiding assisted by a professional team under my coordination. I keep doing this tour business to express my proudness of Bali to the tourist that known as popular tourist destination in the world.

Having visited several times to Norway and couple other countries I get the impression that each country has a different interest to visit, from this experience I think of tourists who come to Bali beside enjoying the suntan, the beaches, luxury accommodations, bar discotheque, and so on the most important thing is to see the Balinese life with their indigenous customs and culture, religious ceremony and so on including to experience staying in a Boutique hotel for a couple of nights interact with friendly and smiling staff,  make you will feel the spirit of Bali.

With the experience of working in Tourism industry for 29 years with this Website and my experienced team I would like to continue to contribute to show the uniqueness of Bali focusing on tour programs that are oriented to indigenous culture, customs and unspoiled nature, way of life, food, architecture, religious ceremony, temples and so on.  With my guiding service and private transport tours arrangement we want you to be comfortable and feel the authentic spirit of Bali.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Bali and joining our program.