Village Orientation

Bale Kulkul
Daily Tour day Availability: 2019
Tour Guide: Rudy

Village Orientation Tours, 08.30-17.00 hrs.

On this tour we will show you the Balinese way of life, livelihood, religious activities, arts, traditional architecture and so on. The trip will take you to visit:

Balinese Traditional house compound, a house compound that inherited from generation to generation which built up on Balinese Hindhu concept, consist of outer courtyard where the entrance gate is built, middle court yard where the family live with several building that located in different location with different function and inner court yard is the family temple.

Terrace rice field, the rice field is very important because the rice is the local main food, the farmer in Bali inherit a water farming irrigation system called “Subak” this is an obligatory for every farmer to be the member of the local “Subak” cooperative including the rights and obligations.

Hindu Temple, is a place for Balinese Hindhu to do the religious ritual, the temple courtyard  consist of several different holy shrines to worship the different manifestation of the god. There are temples belongs to the family, community, and the public.

Art and Craft, in this island cannot be separated from the life, because a part of the culture Which can be found in the temple, houses, historical building and so on, that is wooden craft, gold and silver, painting, stone Carving and so on.

The rural charm, Banjar is the local community cooperative led by elected “Kelihan Banjar” which is the member is obligatory for every married man and women representing his/her family until one of his son married to take over them, this is a heritance system. The Banjar has their territorial area including the temples, meeting hall and cemetery.

Landscape, Bali with the mountain, Volcano terrace rice field and Island always green for the all year around make it has a stunning view. there will be a stop for lunch at one of the Restaurant over looking at rice field.


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08.30 AM

  • Private AC Transport
  • Tour Guide

  • Lunch
  • Entrance Ticket




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